KER 41

One of the Fastest SAILING BOAT – KER41 , launched in IZMIR / TEOS

DERE SHIPYARD’S (DS) first boat has been launched, with a ceremony, organized in TEOS Marina, with the participitation of Deputy Minister of Economics, Mr. Adnan YILDIRIM. In his speech, YILDIRIM celebrated DS TEAM and the GM of DERE GROUP Mr. Bora TURAN, stating that ADDED VALUE and HIGH TECH PRODUCTS will always be appreciated and supported by the Ministry and Turkish Gov’.

Mr. Bora Turan in his speech, stated that: ‘Dere shipyard is one of very few shipyards in the Turkey with capability to manufacture using carbon pre-preg technology’. He also said that, all the investment was being made with DS capital without raising any budget from any Governmental Dept. or Technology Supporting Organizations.

‘’DERE SHIPYARD is planned to grow further and is expected to add new models as MotorYachts to its Product Range. For that, DS is already started carrying out negotiations with several Designers’’ he added.

DERE SAILING TEAM is planned to race in Bodrum Winter Trophy, Rolex Malta Cup, Spanish Copa Del Rey, and Les Voiles de St.Tropez in 2018...

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