The largest wind turbine blade!



Ground breaking ceremony of the facility has occured with the participation of the Minister of Economics, Mr. Nihat ZEYBEKCİ. General Manager of DERE CONSTRUCTION, Mr. Bora TURAN stated in his speech that,  the investment will be done in 3 phases and the the total investment amount of the facility would be € 135M.  78.000 sqm closed area in 245 decare land will be built in 18 months he added.  

Mr. TURAN also touched on DERE Construction’s Aliaga Free Trade Zone Development, and said that “Production of Added Value Equipments of WIND TURBINE’S EQUIPMENTS as, gear-box, turbine generators, other than wind turbine towers and blade produced in Turkey by the moment is planned in FTZ.  He finalized his words saying that;

‘’ALSER will be the highest foreign exchange yield per kg generating Industrial Park... It will create 10 times more than the mean value of industrial zones in Turkey, in other words, 20 Euro/kg average product value...Also, 10.000 persons will be employed and 40-50 engineers will be trained in a year at the school of engineering to be established within FTZ,  where 8-10 MW giant test turbine performances will be tested and it will host $ 1,5B total investment.”

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